Highly Effective Internet Advertising, Media Buys,
SEO, PPC, CPA and Email.

Nordholm Marketing is a market-leading, direct-response, media-buying agency who is different and a lot smarter in how we approach marketing than most other agencies. Our intricate solutions, years of experience and approach to media and advertising campaigns will ensure you get the highest possible return on investment from your available advertising budget.

Our advanced tracking and split-testing are among the methods we use to put us ahead of everyone else. These methods gives us the power to constantly adjust and improve your campaigns so that we can make you more money. Every strategy we use is strictly focused on adding to your bottom line. Systems that don't measure up are immediately eliminated so we and you can focus on ramping up the winning campaigns.
We recognize the power of both online and offline media and our experienced team will optimize the right mix from these channels to build a system that's fully targeted to your needs and delivers over your expectations.
Nordholm Marketing realizes that no two businesses are the same. This is why we build a tailor-made, highly-targeted solution just for your unique and specific needs. Our goal is to generate the maximum volume of quality sales possible for you. That way you can realize the best value from each of your advertising dollars.

Our Core 3-Point Marketing System Success Formula:
  1. Test small to find the profit winning campaigns
  2. Optimize these campaigns to increase profit margins
  3. Ramp-up sales and profits on successful campaigns
The 4 Steps We Take To Ensure Your Marketing Success:
  1. Our first step is to thoroughly understand your business, its current marketing systems, and your future goals and targets.
  2. Next, comes the research phase where we take a close look at your brands, your markets, your current and potential customers, and their demographics, your competitors, and your real marketing options that are a perfect fit you.
  3. Then, we develop your marketing campaign strategies by building and analyzing all of the possible systems that can be implemented to reach your marketing goals.
  4. Finally, we implement the best mix of marketing campaigns for you while carefully and constantly monitoring, and fine-tuning each campaign for optimal results.
Targeted Advertising
Web, Forum & Blog Media Buys
Media Buys can bring you some very high volumes of highly-targeted, high-conversion traffic at some very reasonable prices.
Targeted PPC & CPA Campaigns
The secret to effective PPC and CPA campaigns is in matching the demographics of the people most interested in the offer with that of the chosen traffic source.
Personalized Email Marketing
Establishing a conversation of trust with the people on your email list is essential to establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customer.
Dynamic Web Sites
A web site is the face of your business, product or service to your customers and potential clients. It must accurately tell them who you are and what you can do for them.
An effective e-commerce web site must serve both as your best virtual retail store and as your most personal virtual salesperson to your customers and potential clients.
As your business grows so does your need for a dynamically-driven, database-empowered web site. Choosing the right database model is critical to the success of your smoothly-operating, easily-updated web site.