Highly Effective Internet Advertising, Media Buys,
SEO, PPC, CPA and Email.
Highly Responsive, Targeted Advertising

Nothing is more important in advertising than offering your business, product or service to the right potential customers or clients. At Nordholm Marketing we focus on targeting customers who have a high level of interest in the product or service you are offering.

The closer we match your potential customer's interests and desires with the exact product or service they are looking for or needing right now, the more successful your advertising campaign will be. And no advertising medium in history has been better at targeting potential customers with the exact product or service they want right now than the internet.
No matter what the service, at Nordholm Marketing we always hold to the highest standards of advertising and business ethics. We believe in honestly representing your business, product or service to your customers or potential clients.

Web site, Blog & Forum Media Buys
PPC & CPA Advertising
Content Network Advertising
Advertising Copy Writing
Search Engine Optimization
Article Submission Marketing
e-Zine Advertising
Email Marketing & List Building
Advertising Tracking and Reporting

At Nordholm Marketing we can also build or improve on your company web sites whether it be a company identity site, a pre-sell mini-site, a full-blown
e-commerce site, or a vibrant community based web site. Each site we build, designed to your exact specifications, is tailor made to effectively and accurately promote your business, product or service. We can also build large-scale, business-class, dynamic, database-driven sites using a SQL database on the back end. The following are some of the technologies we employ.

  • HTML, CSS and XML
  • VB Script, Javascript and PHP
  • MySQL, MSSQL and Access Databases
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Premier
  • Flash, MPEG4 and WMV Video Creation and Editing
  • MP3 and WMA Audio Creation and Editing
  • GIF and JPEG Graphic Creation and Editing

Nordholm Marketing is truly a one stop shop where we can skillfully and personally handle all of your web marketing needs from running effective, demographically targeted, online advertising campaigns, to writing the profit pulling ad copy, to creating, designing and building the web sites needed to support these campaigns.

Targeted Advertising
Web, Forum & Blog Media Buys
Media Buys can bring you some very high volumes of highly-targeted, high-conversion traffic at some very reasonable prices.
Targeted PPC & CPA Campaigns
The secret to effective PPC and CPA campaigns is in matching the demographics of the people most interested in the offer with that of the chosen traffic source.
Personalized Email Marketing
Establishing a conversation of trust with the people on your email list is essential to establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customer.
Dynamic Web Sites
A web site is the face of your business, product or service to your customers and potential clients. It must accurately tell them who you are and what you can do for them.
An effective e-commerce web site must serve both as your best virtual retail store and as your most personal virtual salesperson to your customers and potential clients.
As your business grows so does your need for a dynamically-driven, database-empowered web site. Choosing the right database model is critical to the success of your smoothly-operating, easily-updated web site.